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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Build Dream Honeymoon

For most couples, this may just not be something that is achievable. But how do you go about having your dream wedding and having your dream honeymoon? How can you have your cake and eat it too?

The best way to build your dream honeymoon (and not have to skimp on your wedding costs to do it!) is by setting up a honeymoon registry, instead of accepting physical gifts from your friends and family at your wedding. Let’s face it, the majority of us have what we need around the house anyway, right? Who needs a fancy vase when you can skip over to Bora Bora for a month or so?

If you haven’t heard of a honeymoon registry as yet, then what you need to know is that they are set up so that each guest may donate a given amount towards the wedded couple’s honeymoon costs. If all the guests at your wedding are donating costs towards your honeymoon, then you are likely to be able to take your dream honeymoon without putting any money towards it yourselves.

Honeymoon registries are usually done online. Cash wishing wells at weddings (which could be for your honeymoon) are now becoming a little bit of a faux pas. A honeymoon registry may have an unlimited dollar amount to donate to your honeymoon, or suggested increments to choose from.

The other items you can add to your honeymoon registry might be special activities that you do instead during your holiday. These can be things like a couple’s reflexology treatment, a 3 night accommodation package at a specific hotel, a jungle safari, or even an amazing degustation meal for two at a special restaurant. These sorts of items might appeal to your guests who are wanting to provide a gift that is a little more personal than just a dollar donation amount going towards your airfares or spending money while away.

Why not consider a honeymoon registry instead of the traditional gift registry or gift donation? If you want to take your dream honeymoon and still go all out for your wedding, then it’s a fantastic option.

Exotic Wedding Dream be Come True

Your wedding can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. If you fancy the romantic idea of a wedding or honeymoon in Kenya with an idyllic beach as the backdrop and the sounds of the Indian Ocean lapping against the shore or in the bush, in tented wilderness camps, riverbanks, in remote safari lodges, Journey Kenya will allow you to go wherever your imagination may take you.

Astounding views of the ocean greet you from every angle along the coastline, making romantic walks along the beach a favourite pastime for many young lovers. Imagine the sun beating down through cloudless blue skies, warm crystal clear waters gently lapping a fine sandy beach for as far as the eye can see. If this conjures up the image of romance and love in your mind then getting married in Kenya is your dream.

The contrasts of the landscape and the outstanding natural beauty of Kenya must be seen to be believed. From long stretches of white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters protected by the coral reef to the National Parks with spectacular game viewing opportunities. Game viewing on the way to and from the altar has to beat the normal pre- wedding stress!

Kenya is the ultimate romantic escape, there is a certain mystery around the country that draws couples and honeymooners to celebrate their love. If you’re looking for romance, seclusion, luxury and wonder, Kenya is Africa’s forte.

If you thought your wedding day was a day to remember then your honeymoon in Kenya will surely be in your mind for the rest of your lives. From indulging spas to luxurious game lodges, what better way to kick of the first part of the happiest time of your life!

The ‘classic’ African honeymoon is probably a luxurious safari followed by a romantic beach break. Options here are numerous and include Mombasa and its north and south coastal areas, the islands of Lamu and Manda off the Kenyan coast. Enjoy the stupendous location, marvelously theatrical d├ęcor, great food and service, and unexpectedly good spa treatments.

Plan Dream Wedding on Budget

1. Start with a plan. Of course you need to plan if you want a dream wedding on a budget. This will make the whole procedure coherent. Regardless it being weeks, months or year, there must be the right amount of time period for the wedding to be planned. This is essential because it makes the whole process organized, less complicated and less daunting. Keep a notebook where you can keep records of the names and phone numbers of people involved. You can also compare prices of your options here while planning a dream wedding on a budget.

2. Books and Magazines. Bridal magazines are a big help in planning a dream wedding on a budget. Problem is, these can be so expensive. You’re lucky if you get free copies from department stores, bridal registry desks, floral shops and bridal shops. Better guides offer information on all aspects in the whole engagement, from the planning to the honeymoon. You can take note of your preference, desires, needs and plans. You can mix and match. Take for example, getting inspiration on the bow of one gown, the sleeves from another, and the lace from the third. Just by flipping through these magazines, one may have an idea of what she wants before going off to the dress shops and florists. This will allow her to save money, time and effort to have a dream wedding on a budget.

3. Be your own consultant. Ask yourself if you really need a consultant. If you think that this is not really a necessity, that you can actually make all the planning and the consultation on your own, then you can save money and still have a dream wedding on a budget. If you have the time to figure out the best prices and alternate choices by yourself, then you don’t have to spend on bridal consultants’ fees. There is a great deal in the prices of printers, florists, bakeries combined. If you visit the one that you will settle for in the end, then you will be able to save hundreds of dollars. If you are opting for a church wedding, then personally go to the church where you want your special day to be held.

4. Be your own wedding planner. The more you read up on weddings, the more you will be able to know what is needed on the special day. A lot of brides-to-be have bridal consultants with them in every step of the way but that can be very expensive. Since you are already on a tight budget, then it would be really practical if you plan the event yourself and have a dream wedding on a budget. Ask around about florists and other stores that can help in decorating the church. You can also be there during rehearsals so that everyone involved will do exactly what you want them to do. Just in case you need help, then you can turn to a close friend or a relative as your assistant.

Theme Reception for Winter Wedding

The good news is that anyone can do it. No college degree in interior design is required to build an extraordinary winter wedding theme reception. And if you do it right you, by considering your choices carefully, might be able to actually save money because many of your decorative items can serve multiple purposes.

So what do you need to build a great winter themed wedding? It is simple really. You need close consideration of your desires, a focal point, and some attention to details. It really is as simple as that.

Dream Specific Wedding Dreams

Of course, the starting point to designing a winter theme reception is to decide what aspect of the theme you have in mind:

Perhaps, your idea of a winter wonderland is a nineteenth century Christmas celebration theme. Such a nostalgic look can be magical.

Perhaps you want to use your favorite Christmas movie such as, “It’s a Wonderful Life” as your inspiration for your wedding theme.

Maybe you want a more elegant look featuring fire and ice (crystal, silver, and candles or a roaring fire in the fireplace).

Perhaps it is the snowflakes themselves that you would like to build your winter wedding around.

Perhaps it is mittens and snow angels or snowmen.

Maybe you envision a wedding reception that embraces your love of snowboarding.

The point is that you need to know exactly what you want your winter themed wedding to look like before you ever start doing any of the legwork. That way, you will protect yourself from spending money on items that, though cute, do not actually help to achieve exactly the look that your want.

Choose a Focal Point

Whatever exact facet of the winter wedding theme reception you choose to celebrate your wedding with, your next step in the design process is to decide on a focal point for the reception facility.

For some it might be a mountainous four tiered winter theme wedding cake accented in dusted blues, greens, or silvers and crystal wedding cake jewelry.

For others it might be a snowflake ice sculpture accented with rotating colored lights.

For still others the proper choice might be a large painting from your favorite artist hanging in a prominent place during the reception – relocated to their living room wall by trusted friend while they are on their honeymoon.

Or perhaps you want to commission another kind of artwork such as a sculpture to be the focal point of your wedding reception.

Brides often assume that they have to have a cake and an ice sculpture. But the reality is that choosing a single focal point for your winter wedding theme makes it more memorable. For example, a reception that only has an ice sculpture, or a painting, or… without the compulsory cake sitting in the corner but then serves a cake or other dessert that the guests actually want to eat (Yes, many bakeries around the country make mouth watering wedding cakes, but we have all been to weddings where they served cakes that were hard to choke down as well) has a much better chance of being impressive than one that opts for the customary course.

Of course, merely having a focal point for your winter wedding reception is not enough. You have to choose a location for your focal point and design your room layout around it. Otherwise, you end up spending, potentially, hundreds of dollars on something that just sits in the corner and is barely noticed.