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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Dream for Wedding Venue in Luxury Hotel

Let go of the planning pressures

Many luxury hotels now have dedicated wedding planners which can alleviate a huge amount of pressure from the bride and groom. Having a team of experts on hand to guide you through the planning process, offer guidance and advice and of course ultimately turn your dreams into reality can make or break the big day.

The beauty with a luxury hotel is that you actually offload some of the planning pressure to the team experts whom you trust completely, and this leaves you with enough time to concentrate on other important activities concerning the occasion, knowing that a professional is taking care of the venue. If you tried to put a price tag to this value, it is invaluable peace of mind for your special day. This is exactly what luxury hotels in Newcastle aim at delivering to their clientele, including much more that is added to the package, moreover the services come at affordable fees.

It is imperative that you find a company that has years of experience in assisting newlyweds through their big day. Ideally you want to deal with a hotel that is accustomed to assisting these prestigious guests have a great day, by going out of their way and even making suggestions that will make the occasion more pleasurable. One cannot afford to compromise on their wedding day, they must ensure that they make the right choices concerning the venue for the special date.

Inform the guests

After you have booked the venue and rooms, the next step that one needs to take is send out save-the-date cards, which inform the guests of the wedding date. In these invites, you can include important information like the rooms details and travel information if necessary. You can also include a map to the Luxury Hotel Newcastle, the address and ensure that you send these details early enough to avoid rush preparations and disappointments. Lastly, prepare welcome bags for your guests as a thank you gesture and have them placed in their rooms prior to their arrival.

Wonderful Wedding Gown

Remember Your Dream Dress

When you are picking out your wedding dress, you will want to go with a picture of your dream dress in your mind. You have probably been dreaming of what your wedding dress will look like for years. It is important that you do not settle for something less than your dream, but keep looking until you find exactly what you are looking for, even if it takes quite a bit of time.

Flatter Your Figure

You will also want to make sure that you pick out a wedding dress that flatters your figure. Some figures may not look great with some styles of wedding dresses, so make sure that you find the style that makes you look your best. No bride wants to feel less than beautiful on her wedding day, so find a style that works with your figure, and never buy a smaller size planning to lose some weight.

Always Try Them On

You should never purchase a dress that you have not tried on. Even though it looks totally amazing there in the window or on the hanger, you will never know how it will look on you until you try it on. Make sure that you try it on and that it fits you perfectly before you make the purchase.

Sure, it is probably going to take you some time to find the perfect wedding gown, but the time spent will be well worth it. Your wedding dress is important and you want to feel amazing at your wedding reception and ceremony, so make sure you pick out the perfect wedding dress.

Wedding Dreams with Reality Budget

1. Find the source of the money.

So where is this money coming from? The money tree in the backyard? Don’t you wish that existed? Is it coming from your savings? Are your parents contributing? Are Visa, MasterCard and a line of credit involved? Don’t get into too much debt over your wedding or you will be struggling to pay it off and fighting over money the first few years of your marriage.

2. How much do you have to spend?

Once you’ve found where the money is coming from. Ask yourselves if this is a realistic budget to plan your dream wedding with? If not… you might want to consider prolonging your engagement and saving up for the things you want. If you want to get married as soon as possible then you need to understand that you might not be able to have all of the things you’ve ever hoped for on your wedding day. Instead, consider having a smaller more intimate wedding.

3. Set a budget and do your research.

Once you’ve found the amount you are working with, break down your budget into categories then allocate the funds appropriately. Budget for flowers, photographer, reception costs, etc. You can do an internet search for budget sheets that will help you list out the costs and keep track of all of your expenditures.

Successful Stress Free Wedding

1. A great stress reducer is getting in shape for the wedding.

Let’s face it; you are going to have a second full time job. Planning and organizing a wedding is a time-consuming and energy zapping experience, not to mention the marathon parties, the family get togethers, and all that glorious shopping. Don’t forget, all the marathon parties, food, drinks, cake, drinks, dinners. Did I mention drinks? This sends your body and nervous system for a loop.

What’s the best thing to do? Go for a walk. That’s right, a nice calm, stress relieving, pound reducing walk. Or if you are so inclined, go to the gym and work out. Aspiring brides and grooms who want to get fit for their perfect day are latching onto a fitness trend where gyms, personal trainers and spas all promise weight loss, toning and a healthy glow in “bridal boot camps.” The more energy you use, the more stress you rid yourself of (and it helps to tone your legs and build your cardiovascular system so that you can dance all night long at your reception!)

It is also very important to be eating right and taking time to rest both of which can vastly improve energy levels. Start drinking more water instead of caffeine and sugar-loaded liquids. Reduce salt intake. Caffeine, sugar and salt, cause chemical reactions to your nervous system by making you jumpy, nervous and high-strung, so make sure you watch your consumption of these items. Salt, or sodium, also helps your body retain water, causing that bloating, puffed-up feeling.

2. Secondly, couples have to realize they shouldn’t expect “perfection”. Expect a “terrific” day and set reasonable expectations.

This actually is considered the number one stress factor – desperately seeking perfection. You must remember what your main goal is, and that is to get married to the one you love the most in the entire world. Setting expectations that are too high will create stress and lead to frustration, and then more stress.

There will be stress, you can count on it. Why? Because there are not only a lot of decisions to be made but also many details to be worked out, and others may want, or try to influence you. Such pressure is not bad or wrong; it just requires that you and your fiancé be aware of what is really happening. Try to respond to issues and avoid reacting to things. It will make a big difference.

Remember, things will go wrong; you are dealing with people and lots of variables. Don’t sweat the small stuff; the key is that if something does go wrong only you will know about it. The best way to make sure that things don’t go wrong is to plan carefully, track faithfully, and confirm diligently.

*The week before the wedding call all your vendors and check the date, time and location with them to verify the correct details. Give a list of their phone numbers to someone in case any of them don’t show up on the day.*

3. Picture your wedding the way you want it, visualize all of your details clearly in your mind, and stay focused on what you want.

Couples are constantly re-defining weddings. They seem to place more importance on their wedding being a celebration of individual love than on fussiness, formalities or old-fashioned, outdated etiquette. They are celebrating who they are, right now.

Remember, if you fail to dream, you will live your nightmare, so figure out what it is you want and go for it. With this mental image, you can list down all the details, and one by one, when you have either completed them or delegated them to someone you trust to make sure that they get done the way you want them to be done, you can check them off. Having this list is a huge stress buster and it helps you sleep at night. Another secret for a good night’s sleep is to have a notebook beside your bed, and every time you wake up thinking that there is something you think you missed, write it down.

Often simplicity in a wedding ceremony is much more beautiful than having too much. This helps keep stress levels down as well. You can also create a great wedding website at [] where you can keep everybody informed about what is happening and that will help keep you focused.