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Build Dream Honeymoon

For most couples, this may just not be something that is achievable. But how do you go about having your dream wedding and having your dream honeymoon? How can you have your cake and eat it too?

The best way to build your dream honeymoon (and not have to skimp on your wedding costs to do it!) is by setting up a honeymoon registry, instead of accepting physical gifts from your friends and family at your wedding. Let’s face it, the majority of us have what we need around the house anyway, right? Who needs a fancy vase when you can skip over to Bora Bora for a month or so?

If you haven’t heard of a honeymoon registry as yet, then what you need to know is that they are set up so that each guest may donate a given amount towards the wedded couple’s honeymoon costs. If all the guests at your wedding are donating costs towards your honeymoon, then you are likely to be able to take your dream honeymoon without putting any money towards it yourselves.

Honeymoon registries are usually done online. Cash wishing wells at weddings (which could be for your honeymoon) are now becoming a little bit of a faux pas. A honeymoon registry may have an unlimited dollar amount to donate to your honeymoon, or suggested increments to choose from.

The other items you can add to your honeymoon registry might be special activities that you do instead during your holiday. These can be things like a couple’s reflexology treatment, a 3 night accommodation package at a specific hotel, a jungle safari, or even an amazing degustation meal for two at a special restaurant. These sorts of items might appeal to your guests who are wanting to provide a gift that is a little more personal than just a dollar donation amount going towards your airfares or spending money while away.

Why not consider a honeymoon registry instead of the traditional gift registry or gift donation? If you want to take your dream honeymoon and still go all out for your wedding, then it’s a fantastic option.