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Dream for Fantasy Wedding

First consider this. What is your fantasy wedding? Not looking at finances, but really the dream.

What do you really want? You might have the whole thing mapped out, but if not, for now get an idea.

What is the theme of the wedding. Is it on a private island? Is it in the snow, with a cathedral? Paint the essence of the picture in your mind.

Now that you have an idea, in essence it is like a title of a book or movie or even a picture. This imagination process is important. So we look to the future.

Knowing the one line idea of the concept of your fantasy wedding, you can take the step further. What location is it in?

What does the venue look like? What about your wedding dress? Knowing these parts can all come together.

Now we want the bliss. We want the supreme happiness, and dreams being made reality.

So take a pen and paper. Write it down! Turn the idea in your mind to paper, so that you can work on it! Now is the time for some research, and planning, because you have made the first step to creating a wedding of bliss!