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Info of Wedding Veils

Every woman starts to dream of her own wedding, since the day she witnesses a wedding ceremony, for the first time in her life. She knows the kind of man she would like to marry(a lot like her dad), the setting, who will give her away, who will be the bridesmaid, how many flower girls and of course which of her exes she will invite to her wedding – you get the drift! But what wedding dream is complete without that superstar of the wedding extravaganza – the wedding gown of course! Wedding gowns are the best part of the wedding day paraphernalia.

No two brides are the same, neither are two wedding gowns. Variety begins with the sheer range of fabrics available, colors and styles offered, design elements including necklines and back design, pleating styles and sleeves. With myriad numbers of each element and permutations thereof, the choices are mind boggling. Fabrics typically include tulle, lace, silk, satin and taffeta. Choices would depend on the season when the wedding is held and of course, the designing and detailing. Spring and summer weddings usually mean lace and silks while satin gowns go well with autumn weddings. Neck and backlines are usually reflective of the personality of the bride and could range from demure to daring! Shoulder styles are also seeing a fashion revolution, ranging from off-shoulder to one shoulder numbers along with conventional designs. Asymmetric pleating enhances the overall look of otherwise simple designs due to the surprise element. Sheer sleeves of varying lengths add a sensual look to the gown while sleeves with ruches redefine casual chic.

In the color department, white and ivory are first choices, with cream close behind. Color and texture effects can be enhanced with the use of sewn or printed flowers. Small rosettes add a look of class and understated elegance while bold color prints with big flowers enhance the informal look of casual wedding gowns, a popular trend in recent times. The choice of styles and embellishments, will evidently depend on the bride’s body type, complexion, the setting of the wedding and above all her personality. While slender brides may opt for flowing gowns to give the illusion of curves, plus size brides may choose fitted gowns which flatter their bodies. Off shoulder short dresses are ideal for a beach wedding. Throw in a jacket, and you have a wedding gown that can masquerade as formal evening wear, when the need arises. But wedding gowns are best chosen with the wearer’s personality in mind. While experimenting is fine, select something that you are intuitively comfortable with! Be it the groom or the gown – go with your gut feel. It is your big day and the gown is only a part of it, albeit a major one. Your gown should make you feel like the show stopper on stage and not like the clothes’ hanger, backstage!