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Theme Reception for Winter Wedding

The good news is that anyone can do it. No college degree in interior design is required to build an extraordinary winter wedding theme reception. And if you do it right you, by considering your choices carefully, might be able to actually save money because many of your decorative items can serve multiple purposes.

So what do you need to build a great winter themed wedding? It is simple really. You need close consideration of your desires, a focal point, and some attention to details. It really is as simple as that.

Dream Specific Wedding Dreams

Of course, the starting point to designing a winter theme reception is to decide what aspect of the theme you have in mind:

Perhaps, your idea of a winter wonderland is a nineteenth century Christmas celebration theme. Such a nostalgic look can be magical.

Perhaps you want to use your favorite Christmas movie such as, “It’s a Wonderful Life” as your inspiration for your wedding theme.

Maybe you want a more elegant look featuring fire and ice (crystal, silver, and candles or a roaring fire in the fireplace).

Perhaps it is the snowflakes themselves that you would like to build your winter wedding around.

Perhaps it is mittens and snow angels or snowmen.

Maybe you envision a wedding reception that embraces your love of snowboarding.

The point is that you need to know exactly what you want your winter themed wedding to look like before you ever start doing any of the legwork. That way, you will protect yourself from spending money on items that, though cute, do not actually help to achieve exactly the look that your want.

Choose a Focal Point

Whatever exact facet of the winter wedding theme reception you choose to celebrate your wedding with, your next step in the design process is to decide on a focal point for the reception facility.

For some it might be a mountainous four tiered winter theme wedding cake accented in dusted blues, greens, or silvers and crystal wedding cake jewelry.

For others it might be a snowflake ice sculpture accented with rotating colored lights.

For still others the proper choice might be a large painting from your favorite artist hanging in a prominent place during the reception – relocated to their living room wall by trusted friend while they are on their honeymoon.

Or perhaps you want to commission another kind of artwork such as a sculpture to be the focal point of your wedding reception.

Brides often assume that they have to have a cake and an ice sculpture. But the reality is that choosing a single focal point for your winter wedding theme makes it more memorable. For example, a reception that only has an ice sculpture, or a painting, or… without the compulsory cake sitting in the corner but then serves a cake or other dessert that the guests actually want to eat (Yes, many bakeries around the country make mouth watering wedding cakes, but we have all been to weddings where they served cakes that were hard to choke down as well) has a much better chance of being impressive than one that opts for the customary course.

Of course, merely having a focal point for your winter wedding reception is not enough. You have to choose a location for your focal point and design your room layout around it. Otherwise, you end up spending, potentially, hundreds of dollars on something that just sits in the corner and is barely noticed.