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Timing a Wedding at Clevedon Hall

Planning out every detail of the wedding is a task that many couples take on. However, paying attention to both the major and minor details is important. For example, plenty will book a reception, and possibly even a ceremony, at Clevedon Hall, but they want to make sure the timing for the day is correct. Speaking with a representative from the venue while working through this process is imperative.

Couples who are having their ceremonies at the reception hall generally want to allow at least 30 minutes for this part of the day. Ensuring that the ceremony starts on time is pivotal. In fact, couples who are having lengthy ceremonies with a number of religious, spiritual, or cultural elements may wish to opt for a full hour. Whether couples are marrying on the grounds or not, they should ask what time they can arrive for pictures. If they arrive at the hall too early, they may have to wait as other parties could be finishing up their affairs.

A time period of cocktails and appetizers is standard for many weddings, and this event usually takes place for an hour after the ceremony and before the main reception. It is possible that the wedding day will have some gaps in it. Guests may need to wait some time between the ceremony and the cocktail hour, so couples may decide to have hospitality stations. Others choose to have a hospitality station set up before the ceremony even begins so that the guests can have a bite to eat and a couple of drinks.

Receptions usually last for four hours. During this time period, the party-goers eat dinner, enjoy the cake, and dance. Some couples may decide that they want to add extra time onto their receptions. When doing so, it is a good idea to ensure that the bar will be open for that extra time and to consider providing extra food. They may want to do a huge dessert station with all of the trimmings, or they may wish to provide some late-night bagels or pizzas. Figuring out the timing of the wedding is important to ensuring that the day runs smoothly.