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Wedding Cake when Summer

1. Consider the Frosting
It is a hot summer day so you have to consider your frosting. Fondant is recommended for summer cakes as whipped cream and buttercream melt easily which ruin your beautiful cake. To enhance the fondant icing, have the baker apply buttercream frosting beneath it. If you don’t like fondant frosting, then just keep the cake refrigerated 30 minutes before the cake cutting. Have it in a beautifully decorated table for a lovely presentation.

2. Shield it from the Sunlight
A fondant wedding cake must not be exposed directly to the sunlight. Ensure the cake is sheltered under the tent (for outdoor ceremony). People don’t consider keeping the cake away from the sun as it can come through the windows. Ask the caterer to place it in a safe and shaded location.

3. Have Lighter Flavors
Chocolate cakes have been the favorite choice, but light flavors are recommended for summer wedding cakes. Sponge cake with bunch of lemon in between the layers is a great option for a wedding cake. Another is lime cake with frosting of coconut. If you don’t like lime cake, you could have angel food cake. However, this type of wedding cake is fragile to multiple tiers so have three pieces of angel food cakes and have each one in different shades of your wedding colors.

4. Consider the Season
If you’re having a June wedding with roses and pearls, then have your cake decorated with them to complement with the wedding theme. For beach wedding, choose seaside elements such as shells, waves or chairs. Another beautiful decoration for the season is seasonal fruits such as blueberries. A wedding cake with summer decorations makes it more attractive and colorful.