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Wedding Dreams with Reality Budget

1. Find the source of the money.

So where is this money coming from? The money tree in the backyard? Don’t you wish that existed? Is it coming from your savings? Are your parents contributing? Are Visa, MasterCard and a line of credit involved? Don’t get into too much debt over your wedding or you will be struggling to pay it off and fighting over money the first few years of your marriage.

2. How much do you have to spend?

Once you’ve found where the money is coming from. Ask yourselves if this is a realistic budget to plan your dream wedding with? If not… you might want to consider prolonging your engagement and saving up for the things you want. If you want to get married as soon as possible then you need to understand that you might not be able to have all of the things you’ve ever hoped for on your wedding day. Instead, consider having a smaller more intimate wedding.

3. Set a budget and do your research.

Once you’ve found the amount you are working with, break down your budget into categories then allocate the funds appropriately. Budget for flowers, photographer, reception costs, etc. You can do an internet search for budget sheets that will help you list out the costs and keep track of all of your expenditures.